Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fashion Tips that Can Make You Seem Taller

Fashion can totally transform a person. You can look completely different without getting expensive treatments or risky surgeries. There are also are tricks to improve your appearance in certain ways. For example, you can use fashion to seem taller.

Here are some tips that work for both men and women:

- Avoid horizontal lines on any clothing item as they make you look shorter and add extra weight. Use only vertical lines as they do the opposite, making you look taller and slimmer.
- Wear high-waist bottoms as they enhance the illusion of being taller by elongating the lower part of your body. Skirts and shorts work best but tight jeans will do as well. Make sure the elevated waist is visible by tucking in a nice blouse.
- Watch out for the oversized accessories. Avoid huge shoulder bags or long necklaces. When your accessories are not scaled right to the size of your body, you seem smaller. The people around you will focus on the width, instead of the height and you'll seem shorter than you actually are.
- Use skinny belts as the thick ones are unflattering for shorter persons.
- Wear one color head-to-toe because it builds a vertical line.

Special fashion tricks for women.
- If you are a woman who likes to be classy by wearing skirts, you should go for mini-skirts instead of midi or calf-length ones. By showing off a bit more of your legs, you create the illusion of length. Longer skirts make you look shorter, especially if you don't wear high heels. Don't go overboard with the mini-skirt. Two palms above your knee is enough to seem significantly taller.
- Wear tight and fitted jeans with a normal or high waist. Avoid low-waist ones if you're not wearing a crop top.

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Fashion can make you look taller and thinner or fatter and shorter. Just keep in mind a few simple tricks to make the best of it. You can seem taller just by wearing the right clothes that will look flattering on your body so ditch those inadequate clothes that feed your insecurities concerning your height. Click Here.